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California Public Comments desperately needed for WEMO

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As many of you know, the west Mojave Plan has come to court

decision that includes re-scoping and review of the entire route

inventory in the California BLM desert district.

I have not asked much from the Thumpertalk community lately, but

this is a pretty important one to preserve our rights to travel on

our lands for future generations.

I attended a meeting in Ridgecrest back on Tuesday night, and these

were a few comments I made on the floor, please feel free to use these

and expand on them to get comments into the CDD office in Marino Valley

by 13th of October, there may even be some chance to get back some

of what we lost the first time around depending on how much noise we make

Here is info, and a few comment ideas


There were concerns about compliance issues in the CDD by antis that were


I countered if there is more opportunity, compliance problems would be reduced

More points and Ideas on this

1) C routes area should be included to expand the Spangler area due to loss of

Christmas canyon, and losses of Clear creak, JV and other possible losses due

to wilderness re-designation

2) El Paso region should be designated as "Special management" all existing trails,

including single track should be managed as Open weather signed open or


Matter of fact, the entire concept of "Closed unless marked Open" is not a

practical one, there are too many checkerboard properties this cannot function

3) R5 and R50 in the Rands should be re opened, they were closed due to

compliance issues, those were fixed via fencing, there is no reason they

should be closed, they are major connecting routes between Cal City,

Randsburg, Spanglers and El Pasos, Those closures are putting too much

traffic and pressure on routes such as R43

4) The original ROD WEMO plan calls for an education program for the Rand

mountain management area with a small fee implemented.

The education program should stay in tact, the fee should be dropped.

The fee was never addressed in the last go around of stakeholder imput,

it was snuck in during draft of the ROD

If you submit written comments, fell free to use all of this or what ever may

fit your WEMO comment due Oct 13th

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Yes Thanks Wayne.. wouldn't it be cool if you could really ride multiple routes from smal desert town to the next. do a tour. Drop some $$ in each town for a room and dinner, then head to the next one. Why these dying drying up towns do not promote that is beyond me.

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