Alpinestars tech 4 boots pretty good?

My lovely girlfriend said that she would buy me some boots. I tried on some thor at the local dealership and they were very hard and uncomfortable. I also tried on some Alpinestars Tech 4's. They were much more comfortable. I think that I will get those. Any opinions on these?

check out gaerne they make great boots for the price, not sure on the alpinestars though :):D

I have the alpine m4's. Not sure what the difference is but if I had it to do over again I would get tech 6 or 8. They developed a crease by my ankle that rubs it raw.

I've used to have the Thor T10 boot and now have the Alpinestars M4 boot. The M4 boot definately has more support than the Thor. But remember, after the boots get broken in, they get a lot softer.

Tell her you will chip in the extra if need be, and get the tech 8's. You won't regret it. I can't count the times a hidden stump or rock has blasted my foot HARD off the peg, or smashed it between the stump and the bike. I was surprised many times that my foot never took any damage, these boots are worth the cash, plus they fit like a dream.

I have a pair of Tech6's.. They were excellent the first day I wore them out riding. No pain at all... :D I tried on the Tech8 but the "booty" insert didn't feel good for me. But give them a try. :)

I love my Tech6's, I silicon sprayed them when they were new and they have held up to some serious punishment, and are still waterproof. I have heard the Tech8's get hot in the summertime with the booty.

If those are the boots you want, and you have some hiking boots use the hiking boots and save your self some money. If you want some protection get the teck 6 at the least. Leather boots add little to no protection.

As for leather boots, I watched a old timer break his foot two years ago riding with stell toe boots on....Yuck.

I have Tech 6's and they are the best boot I have owned. I used to ride in cheap boots, but the Tech 6's are by far the strongest and most comfortable. Throw down the cash for at least the 6's.

just curious but has anyone had any experience with the AXO RC5 boots? they say they were rated 9 out of 10 in a motorcycle magazine(if that means anything) and if they r heavy or not. thanks

Sidi....cant remember the model, but I love the hinged ankle so you dont have to fight the boot to get it to bend at the ankle.

I'm probably the oddball here, but I have been extremely happy with my Sidi Vortex boots. They are comparable in price/protection to a Alpinestars Tech 6, but I found them to be much more comfortable right out of the box. Now with several hundred miles on them, they are holding up very well.

Pick one of the top brands (Alpinestars, Sidi, Gaerne) and try them on until you find a model that has the protection you need and that fits well.

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