differnce between 07 and 09 450f

my front end on my old 07450 kept washing, did all kinds of mods but had no luck. is there any major changes with the 09's? thanks

Swing arm and linkage mainly. Nothing too major.

Are your springs correct for your weight? How much sag are you running? Haw for up in the triple clamps are your forks?

Swing arm and linkage mainly. Nothing too major.

Are your springs correct for your weight? How much sag are you running? Haw for up in the triple clamps are your forks?

That was what was changed from 2008 to 2009...In 2008 they changed quite a few things to try and address the handling issues. My 2009 handles and corners well. It's not quite a suzuki in the corners, but it turns fine. Below is what MXA noted about those changes to the 2008 which would hold true to the 2009, the 2009 also lost a few more pounds so the 2009 is actually quite a bit lighter than the 2007. Mxa is pretty harsh to any bike that takes any effort or thought to actually turn, if you commit and have your suspension set up correctly, I think it turns really well!


A: This is the $64,000 question. Every MXA test rider insists that the 2007 YZ450F pushed in the center of corners. It was an irritating trait, and the faster the test rider, the more the understeer bothered him. Here are the major questions about the 2008 YZ450F’s handling.

(1) Did Yamaha change the geometry? No. The frame’s dimensions are unchanged.

(2) Did Yamaha do anything to fix the handling? Yes. Yamaha’s approach to the YZ450F’s handling woes were very creative (and also very similar to the steps that Honda took when the CRF450 had handling problems). Yamaha, like Honda before them, redesigned the frame to feed more flex into the head tube area. The steerer tube was shortened by 5mm to lessen the span between the backbone and down tubes. The ribbed gusseting (inside the frame’s down tubes) was reduced in height to take some stiffness out of the chassis. The bottom triple clamp, which previously was a solid casting on its upper surface, was changed to a ribbed design-—again with the intent of feeding in more flex. Yamaha knocked one pound off the front of the bike with smaller dropout castings on the fork legs, a smaller front brake caliper and lighter fork guards.

(3) Does the 2008 YZ450F handle better? Yes and no. Every test rider, even the Pro-level test riders who were the most vocal critics, believed that the 2008 YZ450F turned better than the 2007 model. Best of all, hard-core Yamaha riders, who lived with the push of the 2007 YZ450F, loved the cornering of the ’08 model (but they are true believers). But, and this is a big but, no one believed that the handling was night-and-day better than last year.

(4) Does the YZ450F handle better than a CRF450? No. No. No. We are willing to give Yamaha props for their more resilient frame and lighter feel, but this is still a troubled chassis that isn’t as settled in flat turns as it could be. It’s not bad in berms, ruts and loam, but the front just isn't confidence-inspiring in front-wheel generated direction changes. It still pushes from the center-out.

(5) Can you make it better with an offset change? No, but you can make it different. In the crazy mixed-up world of give-and-take, changing the offset just moves the problem around. You can eliminate the push at the cost of slower turn-in, but there is no magic bullet.

Disclaimer: I have never ridden a 2007 yz450f, so I cannot personally speak to how the 2009 feels vs. the 2007.

In 2008 the handling was transformed dramatically for my riding style and terrain.

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