Best type of feeler guage

What type feeler guage do most of you use to check your valve clerance. Sears around here just sells the flat type, that make it very hard to get a good reading. So what type and brand would you recomend and any tips on check your clerance? Love you guys. :)

I think the ones I have are from KD Tools. They are the flat type and are a tight fit on the right side valves but I found it to work very well. I have a half width set but after using the larger ones I liked the leverage with the larger ones. I could use a finger to slightly bend the feeler so the approach angle was minimized without getting in the way of my other hand.

Thanks Icebox for your response but the guages I have are like yours. I was hoping for something diff or easier to get the feel. Come on guys take the time and drop a brand. :)

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