2006 yz450f using water and no spark

I have a 2006 anniversary edition yz450f and it seems to loose or boil the coolant. The other issue is I lost spark while riding , I thought I just stalled it so we stopped on the trail and took a break. In about 20 minutes we geared back up and my bike wouldn't say anything. Any help would go along way.

Are you sure you lost spark? Or are you assuming you lost spark because it wouldn't re-fire? Maniac

Pulled the plug and no spark.tried a new plug and still no spark. How can I check the system?

Your manual will tell you how to check your electrical system, in an orderly fashion. My current guess is that your coil is getting hot and shorting out. Although, I've never heard of that happening on the coil-in-cap machines. Maybe someone else on here can help direct you to the problem. Anyone?

First thing I'd do is unhook the kill button, and see if that helps. Next, check all the connections. You'll have to remove the seat, tank, & etc., but you'll then be able to look at the handfull of electrical connections our bikes have.

I do recall MXA magazine, in their "Ask the Mxperts" column, once stating that some of the '06s had problems with the the stator plates cracking, and causing a random no-start problem. If I recall correctly, it was near one of the 3 screws that it would crack. Might be worth a look..... :thumbsup:

And again, if I recall rightly, the manual has specs to do resistance checks with an ohmmeter, kinda like was said above by Maniac998. :smashpc:

Hope this helps,


For your coolant loss, I would check for evidence of a leak at the water pump seal. Such a leak would show at the hole in the right crankcase cover, below the water pump housing.

There are not any signs of a leak any where and just replaced all seals and o rings. No water in the oil either, can the water be boiled out somehow or pushed out the over flow tube. I'll read the manual for the spark checking issue.

Before you consider the possibility of a head gasket, dust the area below the water pump with baby powder, then ride it again. One of my '06's developed a leak at the pump that would only leak at speed once it was hot, so the coolant that escaped evaporated as it leaked, and left a trail that was nearly undetectable.

Ok I'll check the bike for leaks as soon as I figure out what is causing the lack of spark.

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