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Crashed Today. Please help

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Hello guys,I ride a cr85r expert, im 5'9 or 8in tall, yeah, i've only ridden the track for 5 days and that's the only experience ive got with the bike. I decided to get a smaller bike for easy handling. I Know its really small for me.

When i was going over a jump that had deep ruts from the straight going over the top, i was standing, attacking the jump, and i was fine going on it but i accidently throttled it from bouncing on the ruts. My bike screamed and i was getting pulled off my bike so i had to pull my bike towards me, the last thing i knew was doing a wheelie in the air and ends up crashing on my bottom below my spine. I was guessing that my bike pulled me because my cr85r is too small because it is hard to position myself standing, i have a hard time finding my breaks including shifting gears with my feet, when i try to stand on the bike , my butt is always near my back fender. When i crashed, i broke my clutch and had a messed up back fender. It was really difficult to move after, my thigh was restraining me from moving, it took me a minute to get off the track.until now i can still feel my landing. It was fun overall, and ride wants to go again tomorrow.

So guys, can you please give me some specific tips and techniques in positioning, throttle controls, foot placements and etc. for hitting the jumps. Or anything really just to improve my riding. I want to race someday, my dad said he'll look for a 125cc bike

Thanks for any help! :smashpc:

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