grey wire wr426

I have recently purchased a 01 wr 426 and I would like to know which grey to cut. I have also read that it makes the bike "more like a yz". What aspect of a yz does that mean? Also does the jetting have to be changed as a result? I will also be changing the throttle stop and cam timing. Any hints or adverse affects?


try this

Is there a similar page for the 426? that is the 250.


I have not seen a site like this for the 426, but the "free mods" are the same for the 250 and 426.

Thanks for the feed back. I'll give that site a shot.

can someone post pictures of the wire for me? For some reason i can't download clear pictures from thumperfaq. If not maybe a good description of the particular wires. Just want to make sure I have the right one. Thanks 01 wr426

Pull the tank, follow the wires from the cdi box to the 1st connector...pull the gray wire from that connector and you're set.

Got into a little discussion this weekend regarding the grey (gray) wire mod. Does this completetely remove the rev limiter?


No, the rev limiter on the wr still kicks in at 10.5k w/ the wr black box.

This is with the grey wire disconnected.

Checked it on the dyno.

What if my bike has the YZ black box? Which it does , BTW.

11.5k redline then.

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