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1975 F7 Help

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I just got a 1975 Kawasaki F7 and am having some issues with it. I got it started yesterday and tried to ride it down the street but it felt like the gears weren't engaging. I would shift through the gears and was still putting along really really slow. After that i could get it started up with the choke on for like a minute then it would start revving really high so i would take it down to half choke but every time i would take the choke off it would die. I tried to ride it with the choke on but again it was going really slow and wouldn't go faster when i put it in to second, just kept putting along then died.

The guy I bought it from said it needs a new crank bearing, would this account for me only being able to go really slow in gear?

Also are there any tricks or tips for getting it to run without the choke on and stay running?


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