Fuel Tank, AC XR650 3.7GAL Sahara Seat?!

Yea it has a special seat. There is a 6 gal Sahara tank too.

I thought there was an underseat tank setup that had over 10 gals of capacity eek.gif

I would be intrested in your 4.6 tank if you change to something else thanks john

I think I figured it out- it mounts backwards, under the seat(?), not as a replacement but in addition to the standard tank- not so cool after all. I guees I'll deal with the IMS tank rubbing on the engine and schock res for now.. get a new one when it starts leaking or I crash. Did you see these videos:


The only under-seat fuel tank that I know of was made by Acerbis. I think it requires the Acerbis front tank and the designated seat to go above the seat tank.

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