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SSR 125 Chain problems!:/

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It wasnt till recently my chain started to get slack. I havent driven my bike in like a month because i was fixing it. Now my chain continues to get slack after a 5 min ride or less. My chain fell off once and i put it back on and i tightend it but it still gets slack. I pulled the whell back like 6 times...didnt work, i used the nuts on the side of the swingarm...didnt work..Any ideas on what i should do? I was planning on taking it to a mechanic is that smart?:smashpc:

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You may want get a new chain , its likely worn out






All wear items and need to be replaced when worn

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Prior to replacing your chain, you might want to:

Check swingarm bushings for wear

Remove chain from bike

Apply rear brake and hold

Sit on the seat, push bike back and forth; watch for movement at swing arm pivot point where it attatches to the frame. If movement is present, your bushings are worn.

This will cause your chain to come slack and give you all kinds of grief.

Confirm proper adjustment

Ensure that the axle bolt is adjusted equally on both sides to prevent misalignment.

Confirm condition of chain guide

Check that the guide components aren't worn or bent causing chain misalignment.

Little known fact: Chains don't stretch, they wear at the pins.

Hold any two links of the chain (except master link), try to push them together / pull them apart. If you can feel movement the chain is worn.

Another method of checking roller chain for wear is to remove the master link on the chain; Measure 12" of chain length and hold this length on it's side (pins pointing up) and lift it up. Keep the section in your hand parallel to the floor. If the free end of the chain droops more than 1 1/2" lower than your hand, it's worn or poorly made.

Always replace sprockets with chains.

Metalurgy is a major component of chain quality / longevity.

$35 will buy a quality 120 link chain (420 pitch); you will have to cut it to length. Having a chain come off can cause damage to your engine case.

Pitbikes commonly run 420 pitch chain; you can convert to 428 (wider, same pitch - distance from pin to pin) but you MUST convert your sprockets as well.

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