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08 530EXC, brembo clutch questions

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So my clutch started slipping and I did some investigating. I just wanted to make sure I came to the right conclusion before I started ordering parts.

1. All my friction plates are 2.63-2.65mm. Can someone please confirm this is in the range for a 2008 as I can't find this anywhere in the ownders manual. Everything I found online I think was for earlier years because they list the range as 1.8-1.9mm

2. My handle was really slow to come back out when I let out the clutch. Pulled the cover on the master and it was dry. Pulled the slave cylinder off the engine and it was full of fluid. I don't think there's supposed to be a bunch of fluid down there.

3. I couldn't back bleed the system and even after cracking the brake lines and removing the master cylinder, the master won't return to the "out" position. I'm thinking that it got dry because of the slave cylinder, and I did some damage to the master while using it with no fluid. I always thought there was a spring in all master cylinders that would force them "out" even without fluid pressure on the cylinder.

So my conclusion is basically that besides the line, my clutch system if fubar. I was gonna order a master and slave rebuild kit, but is it worth it or should I just look for new/used cylinders?

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