10+ cycra 1 piece shrouds

so im lookin to make some updates to my 10 over the winter. anyone here runnin the cycra 1 piece shrouds? wat are your thoughts? any complaints?

I'm running them. They are slimmer than stock, the intake tract doesn't seem to align as well into the air box as the stock ones though, it does seem to improve the air flow.

I am satisfied with them...

Love them, mine fitted ok, great improvement over stock. I'm surprised Yamaha haven't gone this route yet

do they make the bike significantly slimmer?

I hate them and my Cycra front number plate. Bike came with both though. I fell in a nice slow sandy corner and the shroud must of caught a butt load of dirt and it ended up tweaking my radiators more than they already were and tweaking my airbox. I'm replacing the whole bike with an Acerbis kit. I don't know why people get off on these number plates, it's so dumb having to zip tie the pos onto the forks everytime you take it off.

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