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Gas Leaks Around Choke/Starting Problem

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I have a 2011 450 SX-F with 1.1 hours on it. At first it seemed to be a little foul mannered when starting but it was ok when I got it warmed up other than quite a bit of backfiring on decel. Then yesterday it wouldn't start at all, and was backfiring out the pipe quite a bit when trying to start. I also noticed that with the choke pulled out there was a little bit of gas on the metal rod and around the little boot around the choke rod. I did finally get it started after recharging the battery this morning but it actually ended up starting without the choke and then it died once and I had a hard time getting it running again. Before I tear into this brand new bike I just wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on what might be going on, and if there is a specific part of the carb I should be looking at for something clogged. Pilot jet? The part that puzzles me is the gas leaking around the choke.

I should also mention it was a little colder yesterday than it had been, about 55 degrees compared to maybe 65 or 70 on the first day I rode the bike.

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