Reducing Throttle Throw

Im having issues with the amount of throw my my 07 YZ 450f and was wondering if anyone knew a way to cut out like 25% of the throw. Im finding my self having to regrip to hit full throttle or to kill the throttle. Im fine with losing a little bit of the feel for less wrist throw.

Thanks for you help

I have the g2 on my 09 and love it. Takes alittle getting used to, but well worth it. You might have to adjust the pump duration to eliminate any bog. I have a adjustable one from boyesen.

I have G2 with interchangable throttle cams and have used the big one for shorter rotation because i was having the same problem. I had to take it off, It made me out of control....I practiced overgripping but still am not comfortable. Might not be so bad on carbed bike.

Sweet, i was looking at those and i was curious. BTW what cam are you running? the largest? Im a bigger guy so usually controlling the bike isnt too bad *knocks on wood*.

I think its a 25 or something...its the largest there is and requires grinding a little from housing. It doesn't come with the kit. I'm not certain that its the same as the 1/4 turn exactly but I don't see how it can't be. Maybe someone else will chime in. The nice thing is I can put the tiney one in for winter snow, ice, and mud then back to stock or bigger for good traction track days. Of course if you only want quick turn thats a cheaper way to go.

Sweet i might not get the biggest but maybe in the middle, i just wanna get it so my wrist isnt awkward when i go full throttle.

Thanks again for the input!

Rotate your wrist forward when you grab the handlebar. That way when your hand is in a neutral position you'll be at partial throttle.

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