Suggestions for bar risers '04 WR450?

What do you recommend for bar risers for a '04 WR 450 with renthal 1-1/8" bars?

Thanks in advance!

There are many good options, but I went with the Rox risers because I can adjust the angle relative to the headtube.

The TT store has dozens of options. Go to Dirtbike, then catagories.

I use BRP submount or Generic risers.

I've tried the Rox risers, and they were awuful. Pulled on my shoulders in corners........


Tag Metal risers:


BRP submount risers:


I'm not that tall but needed a bit more cockpit room. I use 4mm aluminum spacers. Perfect!

I'm not that tall either (6'0") but wanted to open up the riding compartment a little, so I got some Renthal #784 handlebars. They are the CR/YZ Mini High handlebars and they definately are taller!!! Maniac

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