Best Plastics for 2010

As soon as I receive the last of the parts to rebuild my engine (thank you for the weak gears yamaha) I am going to replace my plastics. Any recommendations for aftermarket kits for the 2010? I would like to match stock color and shape with higher quality and lower price.

just got a acerbis kit and i thought the fitment was just okay. i got everything on the bike but it wasnt the best. as for color i got white.

cycra is the best ive delt with aside from oem, ufo and acerbis are much lower quality, feel flimsy, and it's pretty likely at least one piece of the kit won't fit very well. However, once you get them on they look and work fine, the quality just isnt there, but that is to be expected for the price.

well that sucks I just order the spensive complete acerbis kit thinking they would be the best :smashpc:

Acerbis isn't bad for the price, it just doesn't fit perfectly like the oem plastic. It's just more difficult to get certain pieces, like the upper shroud/airbox, lined up compared to stock. It just takes more time to put it back on compared to oem but certainly saves you quite a bit of money. I don't have any experience with other brands.

Anyone try Polisport?

I have a complete set of replacement Polisport plastics on my 03' yz450F. Great fit and they have lasted through all the abuse I can throw at them. Much better quality than the Acerbis (and better fitment as well). I also have a set on my YFZ450 quad ,when I went with white versus the oem blue with all the warning labels riveted to them :thumbsup:

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