battery question

how long do you think your battery would last if your bike wouldnt start. I bought an 03 and it will only get about 3 few second cranks before the battery does not have enough juice to turn it over. is my battery getting bad? or is that normal.

How old is the battery? A bike battery, in good condition, should be charged up once a month if not being used and kept charged up. If the bike hasnt been used for a period of time and the battery has gone flat it will soon become less efficient and gradually deteriorate. The best way of storing a battery, in MY opinion, is to disconnect it from the bike and have it on an "Optimate" charger/Optimizer. This special charger monitors the battery and detects when it starts to discharge, then "kicks in" to bring it back up to its optimum state. The other thing to check is good connections to wiring, especially earth (ground wire) for solenoid and starter motor, battery earth (ground) good clean solid tight connections with no corrosion. Also, starter motor brushes! `03 is quite old now so check the brushes are not worn out. These are just a few things I can think of checking off "the top of my head"! Hope it helps. Good Luck, Bungee Steve, England, UK.

No normal, check your charging system first then if all checks out, new battery of your choice. Spend more now, or spend less but more often.


A battery in good condition will last alot longer than that!!! Your battery is probably going. But like Bungee Steve said, check your connections first, then trickle charge your battery back to full strength. If none of this helps, then go out and get a new battery. A new battery will be able to crank along time, like many many minutes! But don't do that! The starter motor doesn't like being cranked for that length of time. You can burn it out by cranking it for too long. Maniac

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