ANyone have a YZ front wheel for sale?

I'm actually looking for a Front YZ Hub for my '00 426. If someone has a wheel with a bent rim that would be fine. I want to re-lace my front wheel to a 19" rim to run dirt track tires but I still want a 21". Stock equipment or an aftermarket hub is all good.

Actually if someone has a rear wheel up for sale I may be interested. Having an extra set of wheels would be nice if I could afford it.

Roostn in Golden

I may have a set of 250f wheels in a week or two for sale. Rims are warped but hubs are good. I think they are the same. Will keep you in mind if the deal goes thru.

I've a couple for ya. Do they have to be round?? My gold excel is about folded in half for sale cheap!

out of round, Huge


So what is the scoop. You have a stocker wheel with a bent rim up for grabs?

What I want is the hub, I could care less about the condition of the rim or

spokes. I want to replace the wheel with a 19" rim which requires new spokes

and excel rim. So what is cheap? Let me know buddy.

BTW, I tried to email you direct and it bounced. Shot me an email back at

Roostn in Golden

Cycle News has a classified section with 426 parts for sale. I've seen everything from a rolling chassis to individual parts. Also BBR sells left over parts. Their web site lists these things. I've seen what you are looking for at both locations.

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