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Do you guys always remove all the little drain bolts/frame screen when doing routine oil changes? I change my oil every other ride (less than 100 miles total, filter every other oil change) and I typically let the bike sit at least overnight, take the plug out of the bottom of the case, drain the oil, then fill er up using a ratio rite cup. I always check the oil before I ride by lettiing it idle for a couple of minutes, shut down, and check the stick. It is always right on the dot. Should I be doing this differently? :)



I only checked the frame screen once and it was contaminate free. I always drain all the drain plugs even though it seems kind of useless. Hope this helps. - :usa:D

I too only use the main rear drain bolt and the frame bolt. My mileage varies (depending on amt of sand riding) but it has never been close to the recommended mileage intervals. I have been using a stainless steel filter and the debris found has tapered off.

I have wondered about those other bolts? They sure are burried under there. Have you ever wondered if the bike is starved for oil for a split second because the frame has been drained? Many people have said that a significant amount of wear on an engine is during startup. Just a thought.

According to the manual, there are two drain bolts on the engine case that are supposed to be removed. The little one on the shifter side is such a pain to get to and the amount of oil that comes out of it is negligible so I don't remove it. I change my oil approximately every 200 miles and that's hard, off-road riding. Depending on your type of riding (trail riding or racing) every 100 miles may or may not be overkill.

I recommend checking everything after break-in or anytime you have the motor opened up. :)


I drain the frame and crankcase each time, check and clean the filter every other time. Whenever I check the screen in the frame its spotless. Unless more debris than normal begins to show up in the filter or magnetic drain plug I will probably only check the screen once or twice a year. I only drain the oil after its good and warm. I want all of the debris stirred up and suspended in the oil.

I did everything according to the manual after break in, didn't see much of anything. I ride woods only at a moderate pace, and I see a small amount of metal "mush" on my magnetic drain plug each oil change, so I figure the interval is about right. The oil I throw away looks very close to whats going back in (Yamalube 4R). Thanks for the input.



Are you draining from only the big crankcase bolt and the lower front frame bolt?



I remove the frame drain bolt and the large drain plug from the bottom of the motor.

Filter screen once a year after break in. Oil paper filter every third oil change. Bottom drain bolt only every oil change. Yamaha is crazy to have us do all of the other small bolts that are recommended every weekend! :)


I don't bother with the screen except for once a year. I always take out the frame drain bolt, and the large and small crank case drain bolts (I don't bother with the oil filter drain bolt anymore as nothing ever comes out anyway). I know it's a small amount of oil, but it makes me feel better and doesn't take much time or effort as I usually have the skid plate off anyway to clean under it.

Your interval sounds about right. The way I look at it is that the 450 is a big motor with a very small oil volume. My son's TT-R90 has 800cc versus the WR ~1000cc so the WR fouls it's oil pretty quickly. Remember that a lot of engine damage occurs not only from metal particles, but from all those nasty combustion bi-products that end up in the oil which are very corrosive to engine parts. That's another reason to always change it warm: to get as much of the chemical contaminants out as possible.

I also change my oil filter every other change.



Oil paper filter every third oil change

Indy, why do you not use the Scotts s/s oil filter? Alot of the other long time riders seem to be useing them and I am somewhat suprised to find out that you use the paper filters :). Hope to see your reply soon for nothing more than to satisfy my curiosity cuz I have thought about getting 1.

Thanks, Smoke :D

Mike where did you get the magnetic drain plug for your 450? I can't find one that fits mine. :)

Mike where did you get the magnetic drain plug for your 450?

Zip-Ty makes one. The one for the YZ's or the Wr250 will fit.

Smoke :)


When it's nearly stopped dripping, I slowly turn the engine over 1 or 2 kick-start sweeps...draining an extra fair amount of oil. I do the same after filling it with new Amsoil, to prime it through pump, and Micronic filter for quicker circulation upon start-up.

Hey Foursmoke. Hope your bike is doing well for you. I like paper filters for convenience. No cleaning just toss it out and pop in a new one. money is not an issue for me but if you want to save money the Scotts is the best way to go. :)

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