Does anyone have any pics of yz450 graphics that they put in a wr450. Or any pics at all of aftermarket graphics they put on the wr450? I kind of want to buy the hot wheels graphic kit for my W but Im not sure if its worth the money since I dont think the seat cover will fit and it is a kit that comes with the seat cover. Any advice/help would be much appreciated. Thanks, D :)

im looking at the same kit, but i think the seat will fit because the seats look similar


I just put the '03 Yamaha of Troy full kit on my '02 WR426. The only thing that was off in my particular application was the tank graphic. A little trimming and some patience and you should be fine. As far as the seat cover, I didnt think it was going to work at all, but I took it to a local apholstery shop and they tucked and stapled what was needed to make it look perfect(and the '02 WR seat was way different than the YZ). Most shops have steam rooms the put the covers in and almost heat shrink them to your seat foam. Call around, mine was done for $30. Dont forget to spray the $h!t out of your graphics and hands with slightly soapy water before you begin.... :)

Dont forget to spray the $h!t out of your graphics and hands with slightly soapy water before you begin....

I did not use any soap when I installed my ONE Idusties Alpha graphics and they came out perfect. No wrinkles or air bubbles. The reason I did not use soap was an owner of a race shop recommended that I didn't and seeing it was my first time and had no experiance appling them I didn't want to screw up a $70 kit.

Smoke :)

How exactly did you do it? Im so afraid of messing it up and getting bubbles or something....Any advice would be much appreciated...Thanks, D :):D

Get a small squeegee and just take your time. About 5 different vinyl sign shops I talked to said they use a small amount of soap in thier applications, it doesnt affect the glue at all it just helps in getting the graphics to lay down better. Just be patient and get 'er done..... :)

Denis, Just be patient putting on the graphics and don't rush! How is the red needle working for you in the cooler weather. At the moment I am experienceing sputtering at 1/4 throttle & below but goes like a bat-out-of-hell when you wack the throttle wide open. I just have'nt had the time to tinker lately.

See Ya! Smoke :)

Yes the seat cover will fit!I have one on my bike,i only bought the seat cover.It fits great but i did have a friend at a shop put it on.The seats are pretty close to the same size,plus it's a solid gripperseat with no vinyle it will stretch no problem.I have also heard that the graffixs fit with very little trimming.

Thanks alot guys! Kit should be in this week..Im gonna try and install it as soon as I get it. Smoke- The red needle is working well. The only problem is still the slight backfiring on decel. I turned the fuel screw out alot and it didnt solve so I may just wait till I get annoyed then tinker around more. I think I also may lean out the main jet to a 165 or 160. Other than that the thing rips. I was gonna email you about possibly riding in Milford if your interested? Also there is this sweet ride Oct. 5. Ill PM you though. Thanks again everyone for your help. :):D :D

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