DS knobby tire pressures?

I'm going back to a Maxxis desert IT for DS durability, but to get the most out of this tire off-road, it likes low air pressures, 8psi for example.....

Is it safe to hit pavement, and say 50 mph speeds at these pressures??

Front I still keep up in the 12-14 range (it's not a desert it), and not overly concerned about it.

I run Maxxis front and rear but at 12lbs off road. I like to pump them up to around 20~25 on the street. The desert IT is pretty stiff so I would think you will be ok but either way knobbys don't like pavement.

Problem is, it is dirt and street , and in the boondock's on one ride, so unless I want to carry a pump, or Co2, and stop at every transition (I don't) to adjust tire pressure, I need to live with what I have in it when I leave home.

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