ringnut wrench


Where did you guys find the ringnut wrench required for tightening the stearing stem bearings? Did anyone purchase this from the dealer, or have you all found a substitute tool to take its place?



I use the neanderthal method. A hammer and a flat blade screwdriver. Since the ring doesn't have to be very tight due to the fact that the headset tightens when you torque the top triple clamp nut, no reason for a special tool. If it needs to be slightly tighter, I back the headset nut off (making sure that the top fork tube clamps are defintely loose - Last thing you tighten up) and just tap the ring in whichever direction you need it to go. Hope this helps.

Originally posted by MotoStyle:

I use the neanderthal method. A hammer and a flat blade screwdriver.

I did not know there was any other way!!!! :)


Thanks everyone for your replies.

flyinguitars, that set of wrenches would be perfect with the exception that I would like to be able to connect it to my torque wrench. The manual mentions something like first torquing it to 34nm, then back off one turn, then torque to 7nm (don't quote me on the numbers as I'm going from memory but this is the basic idea). Thanks for the ideas though, I may end up with those if I cannot find the other type. :)


You can purchase the Yamaha wrench from the dealer with the capability of attaching a torque wrench. Be sure to keep the wrench perpendicular to the torque wrench. As I recall the tool was not very expensive.



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