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It was March of 2005, I was at the gnc national at Oak Hill Mx park in Texas. The morning was crisp, cold and the air was heavy. I was with my family, the Swanson family, the miller family, and the Watsons. I had been hanging out with my best friend all week, his name was Bryson. I have known him and his family for years prior.

The Morning of his last day with us was that of unusual events. He woke up and said" that will be the best night of sleep i will ever have." i just laughed about it not really taking it seriously, as Bryson was a joker. on our way to the track, we stopped at a corner store for last minute things, as usual Bryson grabbed a monster and said," This is going to be the last monster ill ever have."(he was addicted to them and my brother and i would usually joke about him needing to quit.) WE got to the track and unloaded the bikes and geared up for morning practice. It was Brysons first race on a big bike(125cc) and it was a major Am national. that didnt phase him, he was excited!

After practice we waited for our motos to be called, Brysons was before mine. As he was called to staging, he looked at me and said," Ill be back dude." I wish it were true. I didnt go to the gate with him so i could get to the best viewing spot before it got crowded. As I heard the moto get underway, I was making my way to the fenced area near the 3rd corner, a sharp right handed, ganrly 2ft deep rutted out corner.

I was abut 200ft from the turn when a wreck had occured, i had no idea it was Bryson. Something inside of me made me run to the scene, and as i noticed it was bryson, the red flag had been pulled. I saw Bucky, Bryson's dad at his side screaming," hes not breathing!" I knew the events to follow would change my life.

Paramedics and an ambulance surrounded him and took him away to the incoming care flight. About 5 minutes passed until the flight for life left with my best friend, and Bryson's mom arrived at the track oblivious to what was happening. It was probably 15-20 minutes after FFL had left, that we got a call saying that Bryson had passed away. I was still, shocked, all i could do was cry. i was in a state of affliction."Bryson Watson, The rider involved in the accident has passed away, please pray for his family." is what came over the intercom. it was silent, no bikes, no voices could be heard.

Our pit had packed up and left for the remainder of the racing week to pack up the house we had been staying at just the day before. it was very eerie. I stayed with my mom and aunt that night.

The next day was the viewing ceremony. As i looked over Bryson, he looked so peaceful, at rest, and having he best sleep he'll ever have. The funeral followed the day after. The church filled with jerseys of riders from al walks, students from Brysons school, and just people who he had touched throughout his life. Then, it was time for the final viewing. I looked at Bryson, grabbed his hands and said my goodbyes to him.

Not a day goes by that i dont think about him. I miss my best friend dearly. Now i live in Colorado where i work and live with my girlfriend of 3 years. my family and I still drive to Texas every Winter and Summer to visit Bryson's Parents Bucky and Jana. Inside of their moto shop is Brysons yz125, and just behind that, is a collage of number plates that riders from that day had set on the fence where Bryson was taken from us.

Bucky and Jana, I love you guys

Motodad, thank you for what you are doing, it is an honor

The entire motocross community, keep riding hard and strive to be your best.

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