San Rafael Swell - Best Ride?

If you had to just ride one ride at the Swell what would it be? We are heading out to the Moab/Green River area September 23-28 and would like to ride one day at the Swell. Thanks Guys

Just one day? Bummer.

Two picks, both are phenom:

1) Green/Orange/Red trail loop.

2) Behind the Reef.

BTR isn't technical, but it's very scenic.

GOR loop is more technical and very nice.

For pure fun, Crack Canyon is hard to beat.

Have fun!


I really like starting at Swayze cabin, riding Devils Racetrack and Coal Wash. Then we gas up and ride the Red/Blue/Orange, etc. trails. Makes for a long day but it's worth it.

Coal wash is awesome. Especially if you get a bunch of guys running through there at once.

What about FMOH? If you've never done it and are looking for a great challenge, do it. You also ride a fair amount of the colored trails (blue, red, etc...) to get there and back. I also enjoyed Devil's Racetrack and Eva Conover. Coal Wash was a big fast wash- slow down and take in the scenery. I've only ridden there three days and can't wait to go back next year.

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