broken float bowl.... help!!! :(

i just bought a 98 yz400f and was cleaning the silicone out of the float bowl from the previous owner and i dropped the float bowl on the concrete in my shop and broke off a corner of it, i called a local dismantler and they said the have a carb from a 426 if the parts are the same they'll sell me the bowl, otherwise i need to buy the entire carb @ 125$. whats the differences between the two carbs, if i buy the whole carb can i just throw in my current jets, or am i going to need to purchase other jets.



The newer carb has the hot start built in, so you could toss yours and block of the port on the head. If you buy the carb, use the jets that are in it as a starting point. It should be very close to a bolt-on, although you may need to stretch the air boot rearward a little. It would also be an upgrade.

are the cables the same or will i need to get them too

I believe you originals will work, but if you buy the carb, try to get the cables, too, just in case. I am certain the 426 cables will work in your current throttle.

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