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Does the SM carb-->airboot clamp work on E airboot?

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I am doing the FCR39MX conversion for my 2008 DRZ400SM. I bought the FCR39MX from another TT user that had it on his SM. However, the carb does not fit my stock SM airboot. The FCR39MX has a 60mm airbell. So now, I am looking to buy a DRZ400E airboot. My question is that the fiche shows two part numbers for the clamp between the airbell and the air boot:

09402-60208 and 09402-64203

Which do I currently have that came off my SM?


And can it be used on a DRZ400E airboot to accommodate the FCR39MX carb.

I have searched the forums and can't find a definitive answer.

Also, does anyone know the size of the airbell that the 400E airboot will accept?

I measured my airbell and it is about 60mm


EDIT: Nevermind I got it to fit, it was very very tight!

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