tweaked steering ?

OK, here's the deal..........A while back I had a bad crash on a 75 foot table that wadded up my stock bars like a pretzel.

It tweeked my steering so I just re-aligned it and installed a new set of bars (awnser alumilight) every since then even the slightest fall and my steering is out of alignment again.......even if I just nose into the face of a small jump.

I was thinking that the steering rod is press fit into the bottom clamp and is now maybe a looser fit after the crash.

Is it press fit in the lower clamp ?

This is getting old , I have Moose bark busters on my bars ,can this extra leverege

be contributing to the bending of the bars and tweeking the steering ?

Do I need new clamps or what ?

Anyone had this problem...If so please help.

Thanks , Jason

# 67 Beaumont, Tx.

This sounds like your triple clamp pinch bolts are not tight enough. If they are, take the forks out of the clamps and clean the inside of the clamps where the forks ride. There may be some foreign substance that is causing them to twist. After the cleaning, use some emery cloth to roughen up the inside of the clamps where the forks ride. Use a top to bottom sanding motion. Don't grind out a bunch of metal but roughen up the surface.

Make sure the forks are free from debris..dirt, oil or whatever... where they ride in the clamps. There should be some slight ridges on the fork tubes...make sure those are clean all the way into the bottom of the ridges. Replace the forks and make sure you tighten the pinch bolts to torque specs. Don't forget to do each bolt twice...tighten the top one then the bottom, top & bottom again.

Your bars or bark busters should not be a part of this problem. The steering stem is pressed into the bottom triple clamp but even if it was a bit loose it should not cause this either. It probably would not hurt to check the torque on the stem nut while you are working on it.

Hope this helps you, Ernie

as Ernie said be sure you torque to spec on the forks! I have read on here that over tightening the tripple clamps can cause the forks to bind up. `

I had this exact problem after a crash. Tweaked the alignment of the clamps. To straighten it I straddled the front wheel and twisted it back into shape. After I did this every little crash whould tweak the alignment again.

At the time I didn't know that this was a temp. fix. All I had to do was to loosen the pinch bolts, align the front end, then re-tighten the pinch bolts.

You probably already did this but just thought I would throw this out there just in case.



Any luck with the suggestions?? Let us know.


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