Two questions for the TT gurus. Help.

I posted this before but i managed to attach a pic so you can see the dent in my front wheel. Its not much but i want it out of there. Can i use a hammer and a piece of wood or cloth between the wheel and the hammer so that it wont mark the wheel??

What do you guys think??



Another thing...a friend of mine needs to replace the cilinder and piston of his WR400 98`. Since he is going to buy everything from Yamaha original parts, can he get a 426 cilinder and piston and fit them in the 400 motor?? Will the 400 head work with the 426 cilinder??

Thanks for the input.

You need to leave off the last portion of the URL (org.jpg)

Right click on the image below and select "properties". You will see what the URL is supposed to look like.


i did this to mine a while back while riding in the rocks out in Colorado. While I wasnt able to get it all the way out, I did manage to bend it back a little with a crescent wrench.

I tried a hammer and beat the hell out of the rim and didnt move it.

Good luck.

A hydraulic press is the way to go to minimize dents like that....I used to borrow my LBSs all the time. Don't need to anymore, I learned to miss most of those rim-denters :)

Rich Baker

Man, that's nothing!!! Don't waste your time trying to bang out that little smile in your rim.. My suggestion to you is to ride the bike as long as you can stand looking at the dent or just bite the bullet and buy a new rim for $90.00 and put it on yourself. That little dent doesn't effect the handling of your bike.... I know, it sucks looking at it..


Yamaha original parts, can he get a 426 cylinder and piston and fit them in the 400 motor?? Will the 400 head work with the 426 cylinder??

The crank IS different. If he swaps out the crank as well, he can go w/ the 426 cylinder.

I AM using a over bored cylinder (420cc). White Bros DOES offer the Wiseco piston kit for this.

There should be a reputable company somewhere for you that will bore and re-plate the cylinder for you.

For example:

Hammer it! Who cares what the rim looks like it is a dirtbike! Sorry, but once I developed that attitude I became a MUCH better rider. I bend the REAL bad ones out of mine. You know the ones that could expose a tube or something. Or just buy a NEW D.I.D. from Zip Ty for $40.

The mistake most make is not loosen the spokes, you have to remove or a least loosen the spokes in the area of the dent, then find the biggest rubber mallet you can and beat on that sucker.

Sorry to bring the post back up, i dont have much time to visit the forum.

Just wanted to say THANKS to all the grat guys here. :)

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