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Hard to change up to third gear?

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I recently had a go at changing the bottom end of my son in-laws' Honda 1987 xl250 after it had seized up. This involved splitting the cases etc.

Once it was back together it runs OK but now it is difficult to change up to third gear. Under heavy acceleration it will go in fine but under normal revs it refuses to budge. There are no grinding noises but you can force it into third gear if you pull up the lever quite hard. Changing down is fine.

I am thinking of another pull down and looking for bent forks etc. There was no visible external gear damage when I looked previously. Something may have bent when the bottom end went or I may have stuffed up. It is probably not worth the effort but I don't like to quit after putting so much effort into it.

Also it has been ridden for about 2 hours since the rebuild and everything else seams OK.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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