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The Dodge National Experience - long read

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Wow what a long week it was. Not only preppen, orderin last minute parts, to getting tires, new background graphics, new plastic, food, drinks, the list was endless.

Rec'd the top end kit pretty fast from the TT store. So I had to get on that. Heat cycled that bad boy 5 times before our trip up.

Monday was practice day. Morgan was confident, as was I, that her bike was ready for the week.

You wouldn't believe how they prepped the "Hangtown" a.k.a. The Prairie City MX track. The entire track was covered in 8 inches of Rice Hulls. I never have seen that much on a track. They also added tons of sand all over the course. Suffice it to say, the track was deep and fluffy.

Morgan jumped out on practice and started getting used to the track. 3rd lap after clearing a double the bike just locked up. YES IT LOCKED UP. Seized?

Luckily they had Yamaha support track side so we immediately took the bike to them. We already had doubts in our heads that our week was over.

The next 2 hours was pretty tense but we stuck it out waiting for the verdict. I get a call he says its not seized. Great news!

We were so stoked our cylinder isn't hosed. He says someone elses yz85 seized/blew up too so they were working on that bike. Not knowing if they would have all the parts we had to wait a while longer - 5:30pm

They have the parts and will be able to fix by next day. We were Moto 7 so we are stoked. $300 bucks total for new crank, bearings, gaskets, topend includ labor Hell yeah!

We pack up and drive home for the night about 1 hr away. We get home when we get another voicemail, this time saying we can't get the swingarm bolt out so come get the bike.

We let Morgan stay the night with friends at track. When we got there in morning the bike was tore down with all parts in a plastic grocery bag. I soaked the bolt all day laying on side with WD-40 and banged like crazy with mallet I had. I couldn't get it to budge.

Luckily Morgan has friends all over the place. She is immediately offered a Kawi 85 and is planning on using this in her first moto. Then she talked to another of our friends dad and they offered her their yz. Well she likes yz's so she went with that.

Only 1 moto on Tues. While waiting we called Mac Industries. Nice Dad and Son business that attends the local series we race. They say call after the racing is over for day and we will work it out. They live about 40 minutes away from track. I take all the parts and drive to their house.

They get the swingarm bolt out in about 15 minutes. So who is gonna do the work? Trackside? Us? Then they ask if I brought the parts. I was so tired I didn't even think that far ahead. Nope don't have them. They say drive back to the track and get all the parts and they will swap out crank and get me going for sure.

I call the dudes, they sold their last crank. Are you kidding me? In 45 minutes? Engines were blowing up all over the place on practice day. Damn, now what?

They were at the race when our last yz got totaled (another long story) they ask what happened to that bike? Its at home. Anything wrong with the crank? Nope just cylinder exhaust flange broke.... go get it! What??? 1hr 20min each way?

I was leaning towards callin it right there but they egged me on. LOL. Its 6ish so I agree like a fool. They say go get the topend kit atleast from the guy, then go home, get the parts bike, come back.

I do just that. Get back about 1/2 way in West Sac and then remember I forgot topend gaskets at home 👍 Turn around drive back, wasting45 more minutes. Finally get there.

He starts tearing into the bike, pulls engine, combines engines. Oh no! The trackside support didn't include wrist pin or clips!!!! I had vertex not OEM. Now what? Used the piston that I had put in 2 days prior. He puts everything back in about 2 hours. He did it! We load up like we are rushing to the line.

Here it is approaching midnight and I still have to go home to get sleep before coming back in morning.

Home by 1am back to track by 6:30am. Still don't know how I made it. It was hot Tues and Wed which made it tougher. The things we do for our kids.

When she woke up in the morning she didn't even know it was fixed and in the garage. She goes and looks and notices her graphics were on. Mac Industries, Mike did that for her too. Great guy and fans of Morgans

This has already turned into a novel (sorry) so I will condense the rest.

Morgan won 6th overall in the Girls 14 and Under Mini's only class. She raced mostly supermini's bigwheels.

Morgan also took 14th overall in the 12-13 stock class. For a first National type race we were very happy with her results. She wants to train even harder this year.

After 6 days driving to and from track, spending all day there, and also spending a small fortune I am over it for now lol.

See ya at a track soon :smashpc:

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Wow Fry - all I can say is WAY TO GO MORGAN!!!!

ok, you get a little bit of credit too, but just a little!

Dylan is going to try and get a gate for the Walton Trans Can next year - that is THE Canadian event that decides the best of the best from across our country.

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Congrats, Thats awesome! It is amazing what we can & will do for our kids :smashpc:

I tell Frankie that "I'll match your efforts" which usually leaves me running on empty because he's got the unlimited energy supply of a 12 year old and, well...I don't!

Post some pix of the renewed ride

Matt, come do the Can Am next year too!

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Thanks guys, I agree Matt, I get very little credit. All of us mini dads get all the work with no glory, I am okay with that.

I will post some pics, and a few vid's of the start. I won't be able to get to it until Friday. Stay tuned....

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