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Duke II Handling/Steering Problem

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Just got a 01 Duke II 640 this weekend and after riding my DR650 and XB9SX, this bike did not seem to want to turn? If felt as if I was driving a chopper. Unfortunately, I went around a turn last night around 30-35mph and tried to turn it too hard I guess and it slide right out from under me. Now I have a nice scratched up Duke. I read this thread AFTER the wreck. I checked my rear axle and it was between 2 and 10. The fork rebound damping was set on 1 and the rear shock rebound damping set on 2. The fork compression damping was 14 clicks and the rear shock set at 3. The rear preload is all the way out/unloaded. The tires (front = Dunlop Qualifier 120/70, rear = BT020 160/60) only had 21lb in each. The BT020 looks new, but the Qualifier looks kind of old, but still tread left. I'm trying to understand what is wrong with this bike's setup? Nothing looks misaligned, bent or wrecked before this. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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