09 wr 450 fork springs

Need your help guys. I bought a new left over 2009 WR 450 last time at home. I rode it several times and absolutely love it. I am still of at work and i have ordered several things for some mods. I feel comfortable with the rest of the mods except the front springs. I get home in a couple of days and need help with the fork spring change out. All i want to do is remove the springs and install the new ones for my correct weight. This is something i have not tackled before. Can some one go into detail on replacing the fork springs and what special tools will be needed? I am assuming i will not have to replace any seals being everything is new.

Found a post by Davej, it said a 17mm and a 19mm would be the only things needed for a spring replacement. Searched the wr 450 forum, so i am assuming they were talking about a wr although they never stated what bike they were working on. Thanks

It's a simple operation, true enough. A couple of small details that were probably mentioned, but bear calling to your attention:

Before removing the fork cap from the damper rods, count the clicks it takes to run the rebound adjusters on top of the caps all the way in and record the number so you can reset them later. Then, back them all the way out until they stop (don't force them in either direction).

When screwing the caps back onto the rods, you should be able to feel the cap stop against the top of the rod before it contacts the jam nut.

This is all so that the rebound adjusters will have a consistent and equal index and match each other.

Thanks for the tips Grayracer, they will put to good use on Saturday when i tackle this project. Thanks again

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