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Weight of Dunlop 110/100-18 Tire?

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I believe there a bigger difference than a few ounces, especially with the 18" rear tires.

For my WR250F, with a 1.85 rim, I have tried:

D756 100/100-18 = 11.0 lb

D952 110/90-18 = 11.5 lb

MX51 110/90-18 = 12.0 lb

MX71 110/90-18 = 14.5 lb

For my CRF450X, with a 2.15 rim, I have tried:

MX51 110/100-18 = 13.5 lb

Maxxis Desert IT 110/100-18 = 14.5 lb

My resolution is low, +/- 0.5 lb with the scale I'm using. So, the differences may be slightly less. Also, I have seen posts where folks in motorcycle shops have measured their stock of same type of tires and found variability of 0.5 - 1.0 lb.

The original tire on the CRF450X was a D756 110/100-18. It was old, worn, and the rubber was a little dried out and brittle when I removed it. It weighed 11.5 lbs in it's used state. So, maybe it weighed 1 or 2 lb more when new? Just curious.

I'm not saying that I can absolutely tell the difference in 1 to 2 lb of unsprung weight or rotational inertia, but I do like to be aware of whether I'm adding or removing weight and understand the differences in tire handling and durability when I make my tire choices.👍:ride:

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