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Kawi Concours or Yami FJR Sport Touring

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I'm looking for a good reliable road bike. Does anyone have and knowledge or experience that they could pass on? Are these good bikes? Reliability, satisfaction, pros/cons, opinions? I really don't know much about them other than what is on the manufacturer's websites.

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This is NOT my own opinion (below). It's a comparison I gleaned from another forum, but I thought it would give you some insight.


Let's start with the 2008 FJR1300A:


+Pulls the instant you start to release the clutch. (Adjustment?)

+Applying throttle from a stop is very predictable and linear.

+Good shifting feel.

+Engine sounds very confident and is deep in pitch, with a turbine-like whine as you rev it more, but it's not obnoxious.

+Feels less top-heavy than the C14 when stopped.

+Speedometer is in exact center, huge, with a good font.

+Tachometer is very close to speedometer so you can see both at once.

+Windshield blocks all wind and some noise when fully up. (note: I'm 5'6)

+Ducking my head just a couple of inches blocks all noise.

+Even wearing thin khakis, just very faint engine heat on right side.

+Grab-handle behind seat great for walking it around.

+Simple maintenance which is really well-documented on this site.

+Side bags seem low compared to C14; little chance of striking with boot.

-LCD display somewhat poorly arranged; curved gauges like fuel are weird.

-Clutch-lever pull is a bit stiff; fine for shifting but not for slipping < 10 mph.

-Throttle is also relatively stiff.

-Upper legs seem spread quite wide when sitting on the bike.

-Windshield shakes around a bit even when fully down.

-Like the Model T, comes in any color you like as long as it's black.

-Feet seem like they're a bit farther forward than the C14 or 650R. (I think...)

-Engine is louder than the C14 at low speeds; it sort of drones.

-On a totally-flat dealer-room floor, required quite some effort to get it off the centerstand, and finally comes off with a loud bang.

I don't know if the clutch-lever pull was typical of the bike or just the way the one I rode was adjusted, but it engaged, as I mentioned, the instant you let out the lever, and then it's pretty much fully engaged and releasing the clutch lever the rest of the way out has no effect. This is in stark contrast to most other bikes I've read, including my own, where it engages only when the lever is already mostly released.


Anyway here are my notes on the 2009 Concours 14:

+Despite many reviews I'd read, bike leaned over very easily and smoothly to whatever degree I wanted with no resistance. Of course the tires had no wear on them whatsoever; the bike had literally never been ridden before.

+Well-designed LCD display, placed right in the center.

+The red color looks great, particularly in sunlight. (Metallic flakes.)

+Light clutch pull.

+Excellent crisp shifting feel.

+Keyhole for removing the seat is on the side so it's easy to access even at night. (It's underneath on my 650R, very difficult to find at night. Where is it on the FJR?)

+Effortless to get off centerstand.

+Windshield is very low in the fully-down position.

+Windshield barely shakes at all in any position regardless of speed.

+Very easy-to-access glove compartment.

-Tons of free play in the throttle; hard to tell when it would engage. (Probably an adjustment issue?)

-Shifter peg was very difficult to get my toe underneath to upshift.

-Windshield neither blocks wind nor noise in the fully-up position. It's way too small.

-Slight fairing buzz above 6000 rpm.

-Odd-sounding high-pitched engine whine (muted though; not too loud).

-Engaging first gear from neutral made the bike jump forward slightly. (My 650R is even worse and jumps violently. Don't know the cause but may just be a maintenance issue.)

-Feels more top-heavy than the FJR when stopped.

-Speedometer and tachometer are on opposite sides and far apart; have to do eyeball gymnastics to try to see both.

-Stock mirrors are unusually low.

-Grips were uncomfortable; felt very narrow at the edges and wider in the center.

-Did notice some engine heat despite very short test ride, but I was only wearing thin khakis.

-KI-PASS seems confusing / inconvenient.

So basically the cons of the Concours 14 were much worse than the "cons" of the FJR, which were entirely minor nitpicks. Well I did have trouble leaning the FJR I rode but I'm pretty certain the suspension was just too soft. The bike dipped forward pretty severely when stopping even gently, heh.

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