Replacement Headlight Bulb

Can I use just a standard H4 headlight bulb in my 426? I've heard just moving from the stock 35W to a 55W makes a huge difference. Can anyone vouch for this?

Your original bulb is in fact already a 60/55 watt H4...

I just busted my headlight a couple of weeks ago. They want $115 just for a light without the plastic around it! If you are like me, and money is a factor, I think the stock one is just fine. DONT BREAK IT!

Ok, so can I put a bigger H4 bulb in? I run a 55/100 in my Harley, WAY brighter. I guess it wouldn't do any good if it's using the low beam filament... Anyone know what's going on with that?

Hey Oldbones I burn a 80/100 whatt piaa. Works great no problem so far abput 1000 mils on this bulb


Sounds good, but I would still like to know, with a 55/100, which filament is being used? Hi beam or low? Hi would make sense... I guess I can just swap in my other bulb, and see if it makes a difference. If so, then it must be burning the high beam, because the lows are the same... Make any sense?

Just wanna make sure I get what I can out of it, getting ready for a 24 hour race (team) in November, lots of night riding!

I think it's wired to the low beam...You could always modify or change your connector and wire it to the high beam prong.

The low beam is wired from the factory and the high beam isn't. In fact, there's not connector on it at all. When I dual-sported mine, I added a high/low beam switch and I usually just run the highbeam circuit off-road at night. If you only ride offroad, you could simply change the the prong to the high-beam circuit.

RONNIE MAC -- That PIAA 80/100 sounds interesting. Where'd you get it?? :)

Hey Oldbones I burn a 80/100 whatt piaa. Works great no problem so far abput 1000 mils on this bulb

I dualsported my 426 with a complete set up. I installed handlebar control for low and I beam. Do you think that the stock magneto of a 2002 wr 426 with 130 watts can power the 80/100 whatt piaa ? The tail and brake lights requires about 24 and another 25 for the blunkers. After we have the horn with another 10 w.

What is power outbut of the 2003 wr 450 ?

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