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Yamaha YZ 250F or YZ 250 ?

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I own a 2003 Yamaha YZ 250F and i rode it 4 hours and it seized and the intake cam warped because it didnt get oil.. when i bought it i filled it with oil to spec through frame and crank fills.. ordered the cylinder and piston kit from ebay for 350 but im worried about my valves or something going and costing alot of money to fix.. that and maintenance costs and i cant afford it.. would a yz 250 2 stroke be better for me? when my bike is going good again how much is it worth? im thinking of doing a direct trade if i can and decide its better.. there will be nothing really wrong with the bike after i get it fixed besides my fear of what people said "its a ticking time bomb" lol thanks!! p.s. its my first time posting here.. i can post pics of the bike if you like

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