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Z400 stock pipe w/ KN lid. Jetting? help plz

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Hello I live out in the woods and searching kills me due to the DIAL UP service I have.

I'm hoping that help could come to me??

I have a mostly stock 04 LTZ400 I bought a K&N air box lid. It came with main jets, and said turn out the mix screw 2 1/2 How ever I read that these carbs just run lean and I would like to fix the whole throttle, not just low and high end.

I'm thinking this, the 160 main it came with, 2 1/2 or 3 turns, use a .05 shim under my stock needle, Cut 2 coils off the slide spring, and my question I guess is do I change the pilot jet? And to what size?

Do these mods sound good? And advise is great.

PLEASE HELP ME :smashpc:


04 ltz400

stock pipe (I like it quiet)

stock carb

K&N lid

Foam air filter



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