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2006 KLX250 Winter Storage/Mod Questions

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I think I got bit. I saw a carb jet kit and slip-on exhaust flying by “perhaps another KLX with mods” and I shooed them away and they both came back and bit me. So now what do I do?

Earlier I just wanted a Stock bike now ????????????

Bike is a Stock 2006 KLX250S w/400 miles----I plan to ride until freeze time, which was last night! But expected to be in the 70’s for a while.

I have ALL winter to decide and play 

So Far my ideas:

Winter Storage-----Top off tank, add Fuel stabilizer “Blue”, run for a while then top off again.

Put a little oil in spark plug hole, turn over to circulate.

Try to raise bike off of cement? Reduce Air Pressure

Remove Battery---put on Battery Tender, BUT Battery is 7 years old, maybe time for a new one?

I do not plan on starting it from Nov~March approx.

Please—if I missed anything I welcome your input on winter storage.


Now for the good stuff:

FMF Slip on----Price seems reasonable, and hopefully not too loud. I like to keep peace w/neighbors.

Dyno Jet kit--? 0r Kaw Parts?—This is confusing, some say but Kawasaki parts some say get the Dyno Kit, some say get the kit for the 300, Etc, Etc. Etc. Help 

Does anybody have a no problem proven record with their 2006 KLX 250 with a

FMF Slip-on

Carb Mods

I know many questions and advice from you and I appreciate it. Thanks to all!!


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Thanks for your replies. I am regaining/enhancing my winter storage knowledge.


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