missing vin #

Well it seems that the cops dont care much about cathing a rat who defrauds insurance companies. The Detective who got all the info on the YZ426F has not even bothered to call back to follow up or say anything. And no this bike is not from Canada. As I said before the # was ground off, sanded, and then painted. It was a good job but did not fool me. Anyway, I guess we should all move on to roosting and having fun because I dont see that there is much more we can do. Just keep an eye on your machine and your buddies, and dont let some rat bastered steal it. As for me I will be riding tomorrow, I cant wait. Later Statester.

That makes me really mad... This guy is doing nothing but increasing our insurance rates. I'm going to be away from the computer for a week or so, but as soon as I return I will ask my insurance agent what the best way to report this guy is and I'll post the answer here. Someone please remind me if I forget.

Law enforcement in South Carolina sounds very different from the law enforcement here in So. California. These guys would be all over that if it happened here.


Probably the Sherif's cousin...

On this same note. Is a bike covered for theft if kept in the garage where you have homeowner's insurance? I think it is but not sure...

About the bike theif...I once made a citizens arrest of two guys trying to break into my truck and they went to jail...

I'm not saying to pull a 'charles bronson' but maybe there is still something that can be done!

Ride on!


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