2000 KLX 300 Exhaust valves seem to be hitting piston

Hello, I think I might have got hosed on this dirtbike I bought. When I got it was a bit hard to start but the guy said I just needed to learn the techniqe of starting a 4 stroke.

I went with that and I have been riding it for about a month now. It has been come very very hard to start now, so I looked into and cracked it open to check the valves spaceing. The intakes had almost zero spacing. I went to my local kawi shop and traded some shims to get it back into spec. I was reading threw the cyclepida manule putting everything back toghter when I realized the exhaust cam didnt have the automatic compression release like the manule said it was suppose to. I was thinking maybe the guy put some aftermarket cams in there or somthing. I did just like the book said getting all the timing lined up. Not when I turn the motor over when it gets the the lobes on the exhaust cam pushing the valves down it just stops. I tried retiming 4 times. Does anyone have a clue whats going on with this?

If it ran before it has to be a timing issue. I think you need to find out exactly what parts you are dealing with in order to properly diagnose the problem. One thing for sure, without a compression release you are going to break the idler gear in the kick start process and then you problems could become much worse.

Im wondering if the guy put intake cams on both sides? and ran the intake clearnce at zero to negate the acr? For the timing I did the T lined up with the line in the mag cover. Exhaust cam lined up even with the case the the intake on the 32nd chain pin

Do you know if a 95 klx250 head and cams will fit the 2000 klx 300

Intake valve clearance going to zero is typical of these bikes. Did you remove both cams? If yes, could you have swapped there positions?

With the "T" lined up on the flywheel, the exhaust lobes should be pointing near 10 o'clock and the intake lobes pointing near 2 o'clock when viewed from the flywheel side of the engine.

There are two marks on the flywheel. Make sure you are using the "T".

Ride on


You may just be experiencing normal compression and no ACR, making it harder to kick over. Does it turn over easy with the spark plug removed?

Ride on


Yeah the spark plug has been removed. I can slow spin the motor with a socket on the fly wheel and when the lobes are pushing the exhaust valves down thats when i cant rotate it any more.

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