Any experience of coming back from a broken ankle?

Guys, just got my ankle out of a cast after 6 weeks,having broken it falling off the CRF in a hare scramble. Anyone had any experience of coming back from this and wether you can brace the ankle or support it? I am shitting myself i will catch my foot or something in a rut or landing hard off a jump. I have another race in three weeks and want to try and get ready by riding the MX practise circuits as much as possible.

Thanks :)

Yea a few years ago... :D

Best advice I could give is let it heal completly like doc says.

That is actualy how I broke them, trying to come back from a broken leg too soon...

I tried to wear an anlke brace and / or CTI 2 knee braces but everything was still too sore.

Its kind of like that movie with Stallone and the F1 cars and the kid had to jump up and down 10 times on his bad leg before they would let him race. If you can take the pain, do it. :D

I guess it all boils down to how much that series means to you.


I broke my ankle and fibula on April 26th. After 6 weeks with the cast on, it was another 5 weeks before I finally went and rode. I personally wouldn't recommend the comeback yet, but I still have 2 screws in the ankle. I would pass on the HS and shoot for the next one. Your bones might be healed but your muscles are still going to be weak. Also certain harsh landings are going to hurt. I don't use a brace so I am not sure how that would effect things. I decided on my comeback that I wouldn't wear a brace. You could try to wear one, but your boot will be very bulky and it is going to be hard to shift. I can also tell you that if you catch it on a hay bail as you go by, it will hurt like hell. :)

Good luck with your decision......

I broke my ankle last year and about a month after I got my cast off I raced supermoto. This was more of a get back on the horse race than trying to win kind of race. I bought SIDI flex force boots cause they have good ankle support and protection. I had no probs with my ankle for the race and it was easier to walk with the boots on. I also didn't do any hard landings I rolled the jumps. I say go out there to have fun and don't push too hard. :)

I broke my ankle a few years ago...somehow!

I was casted for 6 weeks, and I started riding in the yard, actually, with the cast.....

Nevertheless, I didn't go too "easy" on it after it healed, and it was fine. You may not want to twist it, but if you've got a good pair of boots, you should be fine. If you are at all worried, give it two more weeks, and just move your foot around, pivoting the ankle, to build up the muscles a little again.

A lot will depend on just wear, what and how bad you broke it. Something like an avulsion fracture of teh distal fibula is actually a very minor, type of fracture and you will probably have little if any problem. Other type sof fractures can be more significant. A lot of teh recovery will depended upon how much ligamentous damage there was associated with teh fracture. In actuality a severe 2nd degree sprain can actually be worse than a mionr fracture and require more recovery time and more long term complications.

Ask your Doc about physical therapy if he hasn't referred you already. Some simple things to do around the house:

Take something like a golf ball/baseball and about a 18in-2ft piece of 3/4in plywood. Pound a dimple in the center of the board. Go out in the kitechen, place teh ball on the floor with the board centered over it. WHile holding onto the counter, step up on the boardwith your feet spread apart. WHile holding onto the counter, roll around on the board by just shifting your weight around.

Pull up a chair infront of your sofa, put your foot under the sofa and try to lift it with your toes. Get some heavy duty bungee cords or black rubber tie-down straps. Sit in a chair with your leg straight out and bring your toes up towards you. With the bungee cords slung around teh ball of your foot and holding the other end in your hands, push agains the cords.

There are other things you can do, but these are some cheap to do, PT type exercise you can do on your own to strengthen the ankle.

I compound fractured just above the ankle, both tibia and fibula came out the side in jan 03 after 2 plates 13 screws , had plates and 10 screws removed in may with wrap ankle brace and tech 8 boots feels pretty good just had final surgery on knee and feel real good about riding again , haven't did any large jumps yet the CRF wants to but I want to work up to it,I got 59k in the leg and don't want to rush it but so far it feels ok.

Thanks guys, i wasn't expecting so many people to have been in the same position. I thing i will give the next one a miss then, as there are a lot of tree roots and loose overhanging things to get your foot under. Theres another on Oct 5th thats a lot more open, so i'll shoot for that one. In the mean time, i have a brand new pair of Tech 6's that are really tight and hold the thing in position even tighter than the plaster cast, so i just gotta find a smooth practise track with no big jumps!! :)

I to was in a cast for 6 weeks from a broken ankle on my old 93yz250. I have no problems or pains in the ankle.Full recovery :)

CharlieT is right on. It depends on the situation. But wether you break the tip of the ankle bone, or bust it up good like Skip#7, just having it imobilized for so long will weaken your muscles and contract your ligaments/tendons. Rehab it as much as your doctor will let you. Work hard. It may make the difference in the amount of flexibility in the long run. Good luck to you.

Wobble board!!!!!!!

broke my ankle and tore my achilles tendon coming up short on a double. Like others have said, complete you physical therepy first. If you don't you won't have the flexability and range of motion that you would if you did.

Second, a pool is a great place to do stretching/exercises as it reduces your body weight and adds resistence to your exercise. Make sure your boots have plenty of support in the ankle area. The first ride will be a little strange (it was for me) as you will try to take it easy but will end up smaking a rock, stump, log or something even with your best efforts. Once you get that over with, mentally at least, your good to go

DMSO you can find it a any farm supply store !!

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