98 WR400 (what to do)

well i picked up a 98 WR400 from a friend, and it has seen better days. gonna need a little work but i dont want to spend too much money doing it, what should i do??? fix it up and sell it or part it out. i dont really want the bike and i only paid $500 for it. need some assistance in making this decision because i dont know what the bike is worth and or the parts.

help please.

what kinda work does it need? i got a 99 wr400 a couple months ago for $400 that suposedly jumped time but everything was fine. put a couple hundred into it and rode it for a while and i traded it recently for a 99 cr250. i liked the wr400 but it needed too much work that i didnt want to do so i got the 2 stroke for easier maintenance

Parting out will mostly get u the most $. Surf ebay to get an idea of what parts are going for.

thanx guys, yeah im thinking that parting it out is the best way to go, i was just thinking that would be the easiest way to make a little cash. i just need a few bucks to rebuild my other bike and thought that for $500 i could make a little off the WR. i dont know what kind of work the bike needs yet, the suspension looks ok, the plastics are weathered, the engine supposedly ran. just dirty.

id start with a fresh spark plug and making sure its timed right and get familiar with the starting procedure and try to start it

torn down! i will put the parts up in the classifieds in a couple days. everything is just really dirty so the clean up will be the worst. parts are in good shape so if your looking for parts for your 98 WR check out the classifieds.

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