XR Graphics

Can anyone point me toward a good supplier of larger tank graphics? I installed the IMS 4 gallon tank on the 650L and as I'm sure some of you know, it looks a little strange with no stickers on it. The stock XR sticker is far too small for this larger tank but I can't seem to find anything other than stock size stickers.

IMSproducts.com should have the graphics that you are looking for.

I like Factory Effex myself. N-Style, One Industry also come to mind.

I run the Al Baker's XR's only graphics on mine. Although, of late, there has been quite a "bashing" of XR's Only, I had no problems with my order (although I did go through my local shop). Looks nice on the Clarke 4.3 tank...

Baker's 650R Graphics

Thanks guys, I checked out the IMS website last night but all they had was stickers that said IMS on them. Mmxr650r, you're right, they do look pretty good on the 650R. Unfortunately I have the "L" model without the seperate radiator covers. I am trying to find just a nice generic sticker that says either Honda with the colors or XR with the same. I'll keep looking. Thanks again for your imput. :)

Although I don't have an aftermarket tank, I have been looking around for sticker kits for the 650"L". And let me tell ya, they aren't out there. All of the cool looking stuff "One industries etc.." are for the new style bike like the cr, crf, and the xr "R", nothing for the "L" except from the take manufactures like "IMF" "Clark" etc..

I now this is a hassel but it's probably your best option, find something you want in a picture or web site and send it to those companies listed ont he Web that make stickers. They say or report that they can make anything you need any most styles. Give them a call it might do the trick for you.

Good luck.


I ordered a set from Baja Designs; will let you know how they look

Do you have a sign shop near you that makes lettering for business trucks in vinal, you know the kind you see on pickup trucks advertising their business with phone numbers and all. They are computer generated and you can probably get one of your own design or bring them a picture of what your looking for and the size you want, with the colors you are looking for. Don't know about the price though. Won't hurt to check.

the problem with that is it needs to be able to withstand exposure to gas, oil, dirt, cleaning solvents etc. and from what most guys say, the tank graphic needs to be perforated otherwise it will peel

as promised, here's what the generic XR decal looks like (from BajaDesigns.com) - better then a naked tank




Hey that looks ok. I wonder how it will look on the red tank. I wish they were a little bigger though, like cover more of the side. Still much better than a solid color.

yeah, I wish it was bigger too.. but all the full size ones have a huge CEET or IMS instead of XR on it; I don't want people coming up to me and asking who makes a bike called CEET :) oh, and the price ($35 with shipping I think) was way less then them others

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