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2002 crf 450r

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hello im new to tt. i recently just purchased a crf 450r and i am not used to the 4 strokes since ive been riding 2 strokes all my life. are there any major issues i need to be aware of. i bought it from a mechanic who is also i dealer and everything seemed to work and look great. i had two sets of eyes look at it before i purchased it. after recently changing the oil i had a reddish oily substance coming out of the tubes. and after letting it idle for a few minutes the coolant was dripping out of the tube.(hopefully because i let it idle a little to long and it was boiling over) is my guess. anything else i should be aware of? also after riding it a couple times it sounds like there is a small knocking noise when riding(maybe im just hearing things or being paranoid or thats how 4 strokes are suppose to sound?)

thanks for the help.


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