To pipe or not to pipe?

I am wondering about the benefits of "piping" my BRP. What are the benefits of piping BRP's? Is it mostly to reduce sound or are there other benefits? I am running the stock pipe now but am considering getting an aftermarket pipe. They are pretty pricey. :)

Thanks in advance

First of all you need to uncork the BRP,(I'm talking about power up) and to do that you must do something with the exhaust. You can buy the factory tip to bolt onto the stock muffler, you can run a 2" hole saw thru the stock tip(this will still give you a spark arrester)or buy a aftermarket muffler/spark arrester, or the last is to buy a complete exhaust that goes from the head all the way back.

I think you should look at your riding style, what type of riding you do, and what your wallet can handle, only then can you make a decision on what will work best for you.

Pros: Aftermarket pipes are lighter

They usually aim to flatten the power spread and

increase the mid-range and top-end power

Cons: They cost alot and are usually a lot louder

They usually tend to mellow out the low-end power

but not all of them mellow it out much, since there

is so much power available already.

Sometimes they don't fit very well.

Sometimes they tend to crack and leak depending on

the quality.

The power advantage is usually small and not much

of an improvement to a lot of riders

Overall, I've found that the stock pipes with the HRC exhaust tip provides good power, it's loud but not too loud,

and it won't break or fall apart. You can modify the HRC tip by cutting out the spark arrestor and internal baffle. This mod seems to give similar performance on the top end as an aftermarket pipe, and does increase the noise slightly. But it doesn't require repacking and it won't split at the seams or crack. And it's a LOT cheaper than an aftermarket pipe.

Just my opinions on the subject from experience. Good luck with it! :)


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