FCR 41mm on XR650R

Had a KTM 525sx die on me. Carb is new Generation III FCR 41mm that was just massaged by KTM engine guru.

I am thinking about putting it on an XR650R. Saw a Sudco Kit for $750? but can't figure out what would be in that kit to make it cost so much.

I haven't calipered the air boots, but they look close enough to make it work.

Yes on the rejet. Just wondering if there is anything else that would keep it from working as a bolt-on?

Pretty sure you just need an airbox adapter ("Noss" racing sells them for $65) and you need to modify your gas tank to clear the top of the carb.

What jets are in it now?

carb model/year 2008 Gen III (450 SXF type)

Bore size 41

Check Vacuum Release plate OK

Set slide height .052"

Oversize the AC pump spray Nozzle .018"

Check/test the AC pump check valves OK

Check/test the AC pump start OK

Check/test/Adjust/limit the pump duration 1 sec + or -

Shim 2mm

Check idle mixture screw tip ok

Install aftermarket mixture screw has

Check idle mixture screw O-ring, spring replaced

Check float level/mark on bowl at top of FCR boss

Pilot Jet 45

Clip position OBDVR retapered marked red 1

Jet Needle OBDVR retapered marked red

Main jet 180

Motor side is 2.25", same as the OEM.

I found a K&N tubular filter that will work. Remove airbox completely.

This bike is sumo only. I will look for the Noss racing adapter.

The SUDCO kit won't work. It has to be a different FCR model.

Thanks for the heads up on the gas tank mod.

Keep us up to date when you do the deed.

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