FMF (Q series) for sale (used for ONE 4-hour ride)

I may be selling my bike (god I hope not!!). Parts must go first. Everything already sold locally but...


Made for: YAMAHA YZ400/426 WR400 1998-2001

Quote from FMF website: "On the YZ426, the Q dropped the noise level from 99 to a legal 93 Db while adding horsepower, to bring the bike up to 45.6 HP. " Retail Price: $329.00 (plus shipping, approx. $15)

ASKING PRICE: $299, including shipping.

Currently located in Colorado. All mounting hardware (clamps and brackets) included. (fyi...uses stock mounting bolts). Works with stock headpipe or other FMF headpipes.

First come...first serve.

Other info at

Email if serious only (




How well did you think it worked? What bike is it on now? Was it noticably quieter? (Sorry but I don't beleive anything FMF says). I am in Boulder, where are you?

It IS quieter than the regular FMF Powercore...but negligible to the human ear. It is also a little quieter than stock. Also tough to tell.

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