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Florida Croom and 2012 300XC ride report!

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This morning I was up at 5am in anticipation of having some fun!:busted:

I got up early to install the skid-plate, radiator guards, pipe guard, and exhaust on the KTM.

The skid plate was a breeze, and so was the exhaust. A little elbow grease and all good. Everything else not so good. I tear into the bike to install the radiator guards. Not fun! Ok, so after getting the radiators off guess what? The dealer ordered the wrong guards. Sigh. Ok, so on to the pipe guard. DOH! The same thing! The dealer ordered the parts while I was picking up the bike. Ok, so no use in crying over spilled milk.

On to Croom after getting the new parts reordered.

I finally arrived at 1pm, and got my sticker. Since I was breaking in the bike, and I haven't been on a 2 stroke in awhile I parked at the sand pit. There were a few people about, and everyone was playing nice.

Soon I was off playing in the sand! Immediately after pulling away from the truck I felt like I was skating on ice. WTH! Ok, give it time. No wait something is up, and I knew what it was. Trying riding at Croom with 45psi in your tires.:smashpc: My own fault for not checking beforehand.

Once back out in the sand I was able to get some first impressions of the 300XC.

1) Instant power at any rev. The front end for unknown reasons became airborne over, and over, and over again.

2) Light! After about 30 minutes in the pit I ventured into the woods, and found some single track stuff. I love the flick-able nature of the bike. Point and go.

3) Suspension! As Don likes to remind I'm out of shape. At 6'3' and 210 pounds I was worried about the suspension being able to handle those eclairs that I was forced to eat.🤣 The bike soaked up the whoops easily.

4) Power (again). There is something to be said about a smoker, and the power delivery. It's been awhile since I road at 2 stroke in the dirt. Like 25 years. I had forgotten the intensity of the power. WOW!

5) Push button start. Who ever thought of this on a high compression dirt bike is a genius. Yes, totally ghey for some of us old skool guys, but when it's hot out I have no problem being a puss.

5) Gearing. The gearing is a polar opposite of my CRF. I could ride my CRF in 1st and 2nd all day.1st gear is very short on the KTM. Most of the day I was in 2nd and 3rd in the single track stuff. I got into a tight situation on one of hills heading towards Last Hammock area. Once in first I hit the gas and I thought for sure I was going to do the first unintentional back flip.🤣

The bike exceeded my expectations on the first day which ultimately that is all that matters.👍:worthy:




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I'm very jealous Reef! I'm dying for the day and I can add a 300-XCw to my stable. That'll be my next bike for sure! I just need to finish paying off the Big Red Pig first. :smashpc:

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