I wrote a few weeks back about how hard it was to get springs for our pet pigs. Some others wrote the same. In the prosses Mr. Lewis called after shocks and they were kind-a-nuff to send him to Mr. Jim Lindenmann of Lindemann Engineering,(408)371-6151. Since Mr. Lewis' (the springs for his bike came in just two days after he called) bike I have had three others show up looking to make there Big Red Pigs more nimble and kinder on the body, going faster at the same time. Now I am not a shop and I don't make money fixing bikes. I have past shop experience and like seeing the ear to ear smile on a fellow pig riders face when he can jump his oinker and skim the whoops like never before. My point here is that it's a joke when chaseing down springs before I found out about Mr. Lindemann. Back order can you say, wait. Now I have ordered springs for three bikes in the last two weeks and they all came just two days after my wife called! My wife says, it sounds like he does his business out of his house. He must have a large garage or something. I haven't talked to him yet but it is fast good business. Chaparrel took five weeks for my bike swprings, Race teck took three weeks for Matt's bike, XR's Only was a joke and never came threw. If you ever need srings for your bikes this might be the guy to talk to. :)

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