Any older 426 riders ?

You guys make me feel really old. I'll be 55 next month. Think I'll take the knee brace advice.

I'm 39 and have been riding/racing since I was 10- been wearing knee braces for the past 5 years. A kid at work (23 yrs old) messed up his knee really bad just putting around his yard on a CR125. Don't know if he'll continue riding but you're never too young -or old :)- to wear the braces, even just goofing around your house.

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Welcome in the oldtimer YZF bandwagon. I'm 39 and back in the 2 wheel off-road world last year after a 7 years out.

Best advise I can give is go to your local gym and get in reasonable shape, then enjoy your scoot. Fun will last longer and safer.

Quote from a friend of mine:

" you know Dan, we're older, so our bones are more prone to snap as we are drier than teenagers "

He told me that when I was recovering from 2 broken ribs....I hate

Good riding


Don't happy...

My dad's 48, gonna be 49 in October. He broke his leg about 5 weeks ago. He can compete with me easily.(well, sometimes. Usually I am faster....guess I should be - i'm almost 30 years younger!!) He used to be AMA Pro licenced for flat-track, with a little motocross experience from the mid 70's. He stopped racing in 79 (when I was born) and we just got into it again back in '99.

He loves it :)

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Originally posted by Rick Lerwill:

I just bought a new YZ 426 and I am 43 years old. I rode a bunch in my youth, curious to how much this is gonna hurt and how limited I will be due to my age. I am excited to get out there, but ordered my helmet etc. and they are in the mail. Just looking at the bike is nice feeling. Ah... to be in love again!! Any older riders out there with stories ..advice..?

Congradulations Rick on the purchase of your new thumper. I'm a 35 year old who recently returned to riding. I also have an 01 426. Spend a lot of time getting use to the bike. You will stall the bike a lot at first. Don't get frustrated, it happened to all of use. Get your starting procedure down and you'll be fine. Enjoy your new bike!

It looks like I may be the youngest one here, I'm 16 and turn 17 in August. So I guess it just goes to show the YZ400F isn't just for "older riders." But I've only had the 400F for a couple weeks and had a KDX200 before that. I'm loving the 400F though and rode my brother's YZ125 the other day and am so glad I got the 400.




98 YZ400F

Rick, You have found the "Fountain of Youth". I am 33...I know... I am a "kid", but there isn't anything better than lining up on the starting gate, pulling a holeshot and beating the "young kids". Welcome to the club...enjoy, ride within your first at least, and STAY YOUNG!

I'm 43, started riding when I was 15. Started racing MX when I was 20. I quit racing when I was 28 but kept riding until two years later when I crashed and ruptured my acl and mcl. I then got into mountain biking partly to get strength back in my leg and partly because it was the closest thing to dirt biking (just a lot more work and not as much fun). I got my 426 this past February. I think that with a little more time I can be as fast as I was when I was racing. The 426 is my first 4 stroke and by far the best bike I have ever owned. Go for it, you'll be glad you did.


Hi Rick, I'm 48, raced mx from '69 to '90 and just started again last year. Love the 426, the last bike I raced was a cr 500, this bike is much easier to ride and a lot more fun. enjoy mike

43 on the 20th. Started on a Hodaka Ace 90 when 13. Stopped riding from 28 - 35. Bought a 93 DR350 and got the bug back. Got the WR400F in 2000 and started racing D37 Desert. I love the feeling of stiffness in the morning. The kids have a great time laughing at me when I lay on the trailer floor after a 80 mile race. But none of the 18 year olds "kids" we ride with can hang with us "old guys" after 20 miles.



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39 & kickin

Just registered. 45 and back riding after an 18 yr break. Riding w/ guys my age, doing the family rides and enduros. Life is great and this sport offers a lot. CTI braces & good gear to protect the parts we value. Leaving for CO next week. This site is a great help. Rick, a regular workout routine balanced with cardio and resistance will allow you to outride the faster-but-out-of- shapers. You may want to join an off-road club and understand the land closure threats. Enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of our God-given creation.

Is 34 old? It's starting to feel old!

You don't stop riding 'cause you get old,

You get old 'cause you stop riding :)

Riding makes me feel like a kid again every time period! Time to go and feel like a kid again,

I love this stuff. huge

riding also makes me feel like a kid again...whoops I still am a kid! LOL Couldnt resist! I hope I am still riding when I am yalls age...I cant even think that far ahead, but I'm sure time will move quickly as that is what everyone tells me! But right now I am loving the "ole" YZ426! :)



I get my kicks on a 426!

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I just rode Donner pass with the NCTR group. One of the guys was 77 years old! The trail was very technical with gnarly rocks everywhere, and this guy kept up. I only saw him fall once, it was a hard fall, and he popped right back up and got back on his XR. Most 77 year olds are in a nursing home, using a walker. Further proof that dirt bikes keep you young.

that is amazing...I have seen guys as old as 60 and 68, but 77yrs old that is awesome! I hope I live that long much less be riding a dirtbike!



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

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This is Don Burgener on the Wyoming Trail. He is only 77, got a good 20 or 30 years of riding left in him.

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